More about our Outdoor Remodeling Services

Summer Pools Remodeling is able to transform any concrete into a whole new look for your home improvements. We are able to help you with just about anything when it comes to pool or concrete remodeling, from repairs to paint, to even adding a resistant finish to keep your deck cool in warm weather. We not only work on residential sites but also on commercial sites for anyone wanting to get big jobs done. We try to get our work done in a timely manner to not cause disturbance around the area. We make quality our top priority and understand when it comes to looking for the right business to trust with your home improvements. We don’t like to cut corners, use low-quality materials, or rush the process in order to make sure your investment is worth your money. These types of projects can benefit your home in many ways, not only by improving the looks of your home but by adding value to your home as well.  Concrete coverings help to improve the function of your deck by keeping it cooler, adding texture to prevent any slipping, and bringing your area all together while keeping it low maintenance for you to enjoy.

What is Spray Deck?
Spray deck is a concrete coating that adds texture or a pattern to ensure grip and an appealing look. We’re able to apply this coating on any concrete and wherever you’d like it whether it's on a patio, pool deck, garage, driveway, storage rooms, etc.

Garage Coating:
Your garage is an important part of your home that brings value and functionality. Whether you use your garage as a storage place, a gym, parking your cars, or as a workshop, we are able to accommodate your garage to your liking so that you’re able to enjoy its true function and look. It takes no more than a day to get the project done and with summer pools remodeling, you’re able to get it done at a low rate with a free estimate. We’re able to customize your garage the way you like it with its own function you’d like it to have, for example, color, texture, coatings, shine, and more. Our options are able to withstand many things such as temperature, impacts, water, heavy objects, and more.

Drive Way coatings:
Adding coatings to your driveway can make your house look complete. It adds a great look and texture to your home and allows you to do more with your driveway. Just like any other type of coating, we are able to customize how you like it. We’re able to do stamped concrete, texture, add new concrete, repairs, and many more. We are even able to add designs such as stars, horses, letters, shapes, and even your favorite team's logo. The coats are able to withstand durability from kids playing basketball and riding bikes in your driveway to parking your cars and doing mechanic/ construction work.

Patio Coatings:
Patios are well enjoyed by family and friends during parties, get-togethers, visitors, and more. It’s important to have your patio looking its best for guests and your own enjoyment. Having a concrete covering can help you enjoy your patio more by customizing it the way it's best for you. From the color to the texture, we are able to create your patio the way you like it at a low cost. We offer epoxy, textured (sprayed) concrete, stamped concrete, and more. All these options have different functions to help customize your patio the way you want it.

Pool Deck Coatings:
Pool deck coatings can not only make your pool look nicer, it also help to make the pool safer by adding sprayed textured concrete. This type of concrete helps to prevent slipping by adding an accent to the floor. It withstands high temperatures, water, chemicals, and regular impact. We’re able to use the color you like on top of the texture as well. If you’re not looking to get sprayed concrete done, we also offer repairs to ensure your pool is ready for the summertime.